Xiao Lu
Adrian Bostock
Amy Wright  below
From Seattle, Amy was in 1997 one of the co-founders of Haiwei Trails, which offered a great way to combine a keen interest in the Chinese language with her fondness for the people and scenery found travelling throughout SW China. Occasionally guiding trips, more often facilitating/coordinating others' trips.
Adrian Bostock
Ashu 杜云川
Suinong 睢农
Aku 阿酷
Amy Wright
Jason Lees
Tsebho  above left  & Gonpo  above right
The "Yarlong Monkeys" cousins Tsebho and Gompo were brought up as nomads in Aba prefecture, in Amdo Tibet, and then later spent time in India, Qinghai and Gansu. Now based in Zhongdian (Shangri-la County) with over 20 combined years' of experience guiding general and specialist research/media treks and road trips, you'll rarely meet a more resourceful or knowledgeable couple of folks.
Xiao Lu
Adong 杨燕东 & Nongbu 拉耸农布
 Adrian Bostock   left
Born and raised in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, Adrian grew up on a steady diet of mountains and lakes. He has been knocking around Yunnan since 2001, cycling, hiking, bar-tending and recovering from said activities.In 2001-2002 he cycle-toured through Cambodia and Vietnam, part of Laos, and Yunnan. In the summer of 2003 he spent two months in Mongolia cycling, before returning to Yunnan via the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. In the winter of 2004-2005 he spent five months trail riding and touring around Yunnan, laying the ground work for Kham Spokes.
Eric Mortensen  right
One of the patron saints of Haiwei Trails... Having acquired a PhD from Harvard in raven divination rituals from Mongolia to Tibet, Eric has been in and out of this area since 1990, including 2 years spent tramping nomad country in eastern Tibet. A Tibet specialist who speaks both Lhasa and nomadic Tibetan dialects, his knowledge has gone a long way to informing HWT’s forays into the Tibetan landscapes and cultures.
Eric Mortensen 孟海力
Ashu  above
Coming from the Hui minority village of Haba, south of Zhongdian in the foothills of Haba Snow Mountain, Ashu started off as a general all-about camp hand. Now, by dint of youthful scrappiness and enthusiasm as well as a steadily increasing reservoir of conversational English, he's worked his way up to lead guide on trails traversing his home stomping ground, often doubling up as personal chef, for smaller groups.
Suinong  above
Suinong is Haiwei Trails' primary camp chef. He's from the village of Geza, north of Zhongdian, and cut his cooking teeth serving up 15 course meals for over a hundred guests at village house-raisings, weddings and the like, and it is with gusto that he's transferred his culinary skills to the high mountain trails.
Adong  near left
One of the two lead drivers, who heads the team on the majority of our 4WD trips. A member of the Naxi minority from the Weixi area in NW Yunnan, though now living in Zhongdian, he started driving logging trucks at the age of 15 - an indispensable apprenticeship to being a good driver in these parts! A superb driver well experienced in taking care of the needs of his passengers.
Nongbu  above right
Our other lead driver, Nongbu is a Tibetan from a small village north of Zhongdian. Like Yang Dong, he cut his teeth driving huge logging trucks on some of the worst tracks in the region. Similarly experienced in looking after his passengers, both Nongbu and Yang Dong are without doubt the best drivers we’ve seen. They’re appreciated by all our clients as good people to know and we’ve been working together now for the best part of 7 years.
Aku  left
An Yi minority, Aku hails from the outback of Ninglang , NE of Lijiang. After leaving university he taught English for a year before escaping the classroom to take up guiding, his true love. Being a fit and healthy type, he specialises in guiding treks. Superb spoken English with which to convey the mine of information about the area stored in his head, he's a natural guide with a keen interest in opening up new trails.
Jason Lees  left
A Londoner, and one of the founders of HWT, Jason arrived in Asia in 1994 and hasn't left yet. After travelling widely throughout SW China and Kham Tibet on and off for a couple of years, in 1997 he started putting together the groundwork for the company along with Amy Wright, before getting it off the ground in 98/99. He’s one of the people you’ll come across when first getting in contact and beyond that specialises in 4WD trail guiding and the occasional trek route.
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Specialists in small group, in depth travel throughout SW China and Tibet, including Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Kham, Amdo & U-Tsang Tibet.
Specialists in small group, in depth travel throughout SW China and Tibet, including Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Kham, Amdo & U-Tsang Tibet.

Whereby it's difficult to convey the staggering complexity (!) of all the characters involved in the work at Haiwei Trails, the following introduces you to those at the heart of operations.